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Badge Manager

What are Badges?

Badges are a way of rewarding community members for adding to the site, much like Reputation. Every time someone completes a certain task, they are awarded a badge. A list of all badges can be found under the Badges tab on the Contribute page.

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To view all of the information about a badge, including who has earned it and what the requirements are, simply click on the badge title.

Can Anyone Earn Badges?

Anyone can view the Badges page and see how they can earn as many badges as they want. However, only admins can view the Badge Manager page.

What is the Badge Manager Page?

The Badge Manager page is an administrative tool found in the Manage Index of the /Manage page. It allows admins to toggle badges on and off, depending on the situation. To disable a badge, simply click the "Disable" button. Once a badge is disabled, no one will be able to earn it until it is re-enabled. If you re-enable a badge, everyone who qualified for that badge while it was disabled will receive the badge.

All badges are arranged on this page, alphabetically, with related badges underneath each other. So for instance, the Ace of Answers badge is awarded to anyone who receives 200 reputation from Getting Started with Answers in one day. The related Master of Manuals badge, which is awarded to users who gain 200 reputation from Guides in one day, is located right below it.

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